Black Beauty Hot Oil

Black Beauty Hot Oil with Vitamin E and Silk Protein is a natural, deeply nourishing treatment for hair that’s been damaged by salon procedures (such as perming, straightening, hair coloring) and everyday abuse (like UV rays from the sun, aggressive brushing, daily use of hairdryer).

  • Resurrect: Vitamin E works deep within each hair shaft to reduce dryness and bring hair back to beautiful health.
  • Re-fortify: Silk protein enchances hair’s natural barrier againts daily damage and infuses each strand to make it shiny, silky and smooth.
  • Resurrect: Natural formulation cools and refreshes your hair and scalp, making you feel pampered and relaxed.

Hot Oil (30mL.)
Php 17.64
Hot Oil (200mL.)
Php 102.48
Hot Oil (300mL.)
Php 147.56

Directions for use: Apply Black Beauty Hot Oil with Vitamin E and Silk Protein onto hair, massaging gently onto scalp. Wrap hair in warm moist towel or use heating cap/hair steamer. Leave on for about 45 minutes to allow the nutrients to work through hair and scalp, then rinse thoroughly and style hair as usual.

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