MYCo Family


For over two decades, Man Yip (MYCo) Corporation has provided employment to many Filipinos who have proved themselves to be capable, well-qualified, and highly motivated personnel. The key to our success lies in the strength of the bond we have created with our local and foreign partners. To us, success means creating a winning situation for all the parties involved. We want to be of service to everyone we deal with.

MYCo is a company that aims to bring out the very best in people by maximizing their potential and integrating good moral values.

Our philosophy is to provide the best possible products for our customers at the best possible price. We believe that the pursuit of excellence is necessary for improvement of self and society, and through our business, we wish to ignite that change. Our business is to offer jobs, excellent products, good services, and financial opportunities. Our ideals have endured the test of time and will always define the way in which we will provide our products and services with our best efforts.

To distribute personal care products that will revolutionize and lead the industry to excellence and progress we aim to become trusted brands through consistent high quality.

MYCo is committed to live up to our aspiration of marketing globally competitive and high quality products that will showcase the best of Filipino talents, generate more employment for the Filipino people, and give consumers the best possible value for their money. Our mission is to create a win-win environment and to help people lead better lives.

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